15 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you ordered something and it’s not what you though, we’ll gladly accept returned products, unopened for any reason. Send the item(s) back to us within 15 days of the ship date, and we’ll refund your money. Once we receive the package, we’ll refund you the full purchase price of your product(s) via your original form of payment. If 15 days has passed since your purchase shipped, we apologize, but we can’t accept the item(s) for a return.

Note:  All other items must be sealed.

Return a Product

For one-time delivery and Auto Ship and Save recurring subscription orders:

Please note:

  • Items must be returned within 15 days of the ship date.

We are unable to process returns that do not meet these guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your package being returned to you or you may be charged a restocking fee of up to 25% of the original order.

To complete a return:

  • Fill in the back of the GenEpic packing slip included in your shipment, including the reason for your return.
    • If you no longer have the original packing slip, please include the following information with your shipment:
      • Order Number
      • Items being returned (item number, name, and quantity being returned).
      • The reason for your return.
      • Your contact information (full name, address, and phone number/email).
  • Pack the products securely in a sturdy package and include the information above.
  • Return the package to:

    Attn: Returns Department
    390 N Main #278
    Thayne, Wyoming 83127

Return package using your preferred shipping carrier. We recommend using insured/trackable mail for these types of returns, as we cannot be responsible for items that don’t make it back to our warehouse.