ADD: How It Works

IN COMMON… ATP Consumption
(Adenosine TriPhosphate)

What is ATP?

  • ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the energy currency of the cell
  • ATP transfers energy from chemical bonds to endergonic (energy absorbing) reactions within the cell
  • Structurally, ATP consists of the adenine nucleotide
    • Ribose Sugar
    • Adenine Base
    • Phosphate Group
    • Calcium Phosphate (po4)2
    • Plus two other phosphate groups
  • In non-technical terms, ATP is the 
energy source for cellular division

ATP and Cancer Cells

ATP inhibition in cancer cells is similar to gasoline consumption in automobiles.

  • Cancer cells can be considered 
gas guzzling SUV’s.
  • Normal cells are like fuel 
efficient hybrid cars.
  • Using the same amount of gas the SUV will become immobile, while the hybrid car keeps on running.

Cells operate similarly

  • Regular cells can operate and reproduce on limited ATP.
  • Cancer cells require a lot of ATP to reproduce rapidly – 
they cannot survive a reduction of ATP, or they will die.