Can I use GenEpic™ if I am pregnant or nursing? 

NO! GenEpic™ is not intended for women who are pregnant, contemplating pregnancy or nursing mothers.

Can you take GenEpic™ with chemo and or radiation? 

Yes, GenEpic™ is fully compatible with traditional western Medicine. There are no contraindications during treatments.

Will GenEpic™ help with the side effects of chemo and or radiation? 

Yes, in a clinical trial with patients taking chemo and or radiation, the side effects, (nausea, dizziness, hair loss, fatigue, thrush, canker sores, etc.), were significantly reduced.

How do you know if GenEpic™ is effective with me?

Lab results taken will provide the liver enzymes and cancer antigens. Following the Lab changes you will be able to see if you are achieving a cell die off of the RPC’s (Rapidly Proliferating Cells).

Does GenEpic™ kill the healthy cells?

No, GenEpic™ only effects the RPC’s (Rapidly Proliferating Cells), not the healthy cells.

Does GenEpic™ have any negative effects on my body?

No negative side effects were observed during the clinical trials.  On the contrary, patients experienced increased energy, sounder sleep, decreased depression, and improved quality of life